Progressive currently manages a total of 600 temporary manpower across locations, functions and industries. The contract duration varies from a minimum period of 3 months to 1 years. Partial clients in addition to those mentioned below are Wipro Infotech Ltd....

• Recruitment
- Preparing Job description.
- Defining the skills reqd to perform the job.
- Identifying prospective sources of supply of manpower based on the above steps ( from internal database as well as external sources) .

Progressive is the largest Human Resource Outsourcing Services Company, offering multiple opportunities to businesses seeking recruitment and flexible staffing solutions and to career aspirants seeking full, part-time or flexible employment. The combination of people, technology and focus enables Progressive to deliver on its committed objective of value creation for all its clients and enable clients to reduce financial & opportunity costs of employee administration.

Progressive evolved as an individual legal entity in order to provide the focus and delivery platforms on the employee supplementation space in various states of India like (New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune , Banglore, Indore & Lucknow etc). Progressive is driven by Ms Pinki Kochar. Background work on Progressive Infovision started in 2000 and operational activity kicked off in December 2001.
Recruitment & Selection: Progressive selects candidates for a vacancy based upon pre-screen, interview, resume and profile/ behavioral tested skills.
Payrolling: Progressive takes onto its rolls staff which are identified by the business client. All administrative and regulatory activities related to the..
Temporary staffing: A business client has the option to supplement, through Progressive, any short-term temporary manpower needs with specific skill set.
Temporary-to-permanent services: A business client can hire the temporary staff onto its permanent rolls as per business requirement..
We declare that we pay the minimum wages to all our employees