Progressive currently manages a total of 600 temporary manpower across locations, functions and industries. The contract duration varies from a minimum period of 3 months to 1 years. Partial clients in addition to those mentioned below are Wipro Infotech Ltd....

• Recruitment
- Preparing Job description.
- Defining the skills reqd to perform the job.
- Identifying prospective sources of supply of manpower based on the above steps ( from internal database as well as external sources) .

Recruitment service for the supply of Temporary manpower would include the following:
      Undertake sufficient on-going recruitment activity to meet planned needs for temporary labour.
      Based on knowledge of Client standard and culture, select the best possible match of technical        and interpersonal skills to meet the requirement for each Temporary position
Requirement for
     Network Engineers

   Customer Care Executives

   Software professionals

   Application Professional

   Sr Positions Like Mgr/Sr Mgr/Vice President Etc.
    Fully screen and interview each applicant.

     Provide candidate applications in a electronic format, within a Turn around time of 4 days for a         minimum of 3 candidates

     Fully brief temporary staff regarding their employment package and duties while on assignment

     Provide a written CV or in electronic form for all temporary staff referred to Client. CV’s must        state the individual qualifications of the candidate, his or her place of employment and position.

     Data check to ensure the information provided in the CVs are accurate and valid, such as        Academic/Professional qualification checks, Employment history and reference checks.

     Discuss and plan along with Client a suitable mechanism to ensure smooth and proper         coordination in scheduling of interviews, joining etc.

     Notice of Replacement - If a temporary staff leaves without notice, Progressive shall, on a best         effort basis, replace a suitable staff within 7 working days.