Progressive currently manages a total of 600 temporary manpower across locations, functions and industries. The contract duration varies from a minimum period of 3 months to 1 years. Partial clients in addition to those mentioned below are Wipro Infotech Ltd....

• Recruitment
- Preparing Job description.
- Defining the skills reqd to perform the job.
- Identifying prospective sources of supply of manpower based on the above steps ( from internal database as well as external sources) .

progressive has comprehensive policies to ensure that confidentiality and security are maintained through the following:
    Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients at the initial proposal phase

    Physical access controls

    Controlled security access to the IT applications, time out features to ensure protection from third       party access
The comprehensive Backup Policy also ensures continuity of service through:
    Replicated database server for system failures

    Routine use of zipped files and DAT drive back-ups ensure data safe practices